21:21 FAQs

Are there live training/workout sessions with the coach?

Your workouts will be accessible to you on the FitCru App, you can choose to do them at your convenience.

If I do a workout do I also need to do my steps?

There’s no reason why we wouldn’t want you to be more active throughout the day. We will motivate and push you to do your best at all times, and shall ensure that you get adequate rest and recovery too.

Approximately how many steps can I cover in an hour?

It depends on your speed and stride. Brisk walking should get you to 6,000 steps in an hour, if done continuously.

Do you give discounts if I refer clients to you?

We are working on a really cool referral program leave a message and we will send you an email when we have it ready!

Can I upgrade to another plan during the duration of my current plan?

Absolutely yes.

Is intermittent fasting sustainable?

IF is sustainable. In the Fat Loss Plan, It is used as a tool to ensure you consume two wholesome calorie counted meals in a day & avoid snacking in the middle and to accelerate the rate at which you burn fat, in addition to its numerous other benefits.

Under what circumstances should I avoid IF?

If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or have a health condition for which your doctor advises against it.

If I don’t like something in my diet plan, what should I do?

Look for similar alternatives, or ask your coach.

What kind of meals can I expect?

On the 21 Day Fitness Plan Expect to see healthy foods generally consumed in an Indian household with 1 or 2 Non-Indian meals.

The Nutrition and Custom plans will include meals more suited to your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Can I drink, while on the program?

Yes, your coach will give you the allowable quota.

Can I put my plan on hold?

Under extremely unavoidable situations only.

What if I’m travelling during the program?

The idea of being a part of FitCru is to understand how to plate meals better for your goals, weather you're at home or travelling, good , wholesome healthy and tasty foods are going to be a part of, your life.

What if I get COVID?

You may take the time to recover, and rejoin us later to pick up where you left off.

Do I need to workout everyday ?

No. You should ideally be working out at least 4 days a week. Rest and recovery days are equally important. We will structure it into your program.

Am I expected to follow the meal plan thoroughly?

Being 70-80% compliant will get you 90% results .

What if I can’t do the diet you send me?

You can work around options with your coach.

Is the diet budget friendly?


What can I ask my coach?