Alisha Chinoy

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Fitness & Nutrition, Prenatal/Postpartum.

Niche : I help Women get back in shape and regain their confidence, with simple workouts and easy diets.

Specialization : Weight Loss, Daily Accountability, Prenatal/Postpartum
Background: "Alisha Chinoy is a mother of one and a wife to an amazing husband. She is a certified fitness trainer and focuses in pre and post natal fitness. She crafted this plan because she has a passion for helping women and men get fit without feeling the need to deprive themselves. She wants to educate her clients on how to eat and workout for their body so they don't need to suffer through the diet or kill themselves in the gym to see results.

She believes moderation in everything is key and if you don't feel GOOD while getting healthy you are doing it wrong. It should be fun, exciting and you don't have to cut out major food groups to see results.

Most of her clients are shocked by the amount of food in their meal plan.

She wants to teach her clients so that they don't have to rely on her forever and make educated decisions because they know the 'Why' behind the program. She also wants to be a motivator, friend and a positive influencer in their life so they feel they are supported throughout the process ."


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