Alisha Mistry

Profession : Yoga teacher
Specialisation : yoga , flexibility and free hand body weight movement.

Certified international license holder for yoga.
Leading licensed SURFSET fitness instructor in India.

Background:  I've lived in Bombay , born and raised here. I did my masters in psychology and I'm a trained and licensed yova teacher. I have been practicing yoga for about 8 years now and teaching for about 6. I got my certification from the yoga Institute in Bombay. I also trained u der the guidance of a guru in Bombay for 6 months. After which I have continued my practice and learning through various courses and self teaching. I design and create classes based on my clients needs and requirements. I've also studied a bit of nutrition so I could recommend a diet plan.

My hobbies are creating charcoal art pieces , reading, swimming, finding good music and cooking.
My fitness ideology is solely based on consistency. If you are consistent with your exercise whether it's yoga or swimming or running or weight training.. any kind of movement you will see results. Consistency not just in your movement , but also with your diet. When I refer to diet I don't mean avoiding food. I'm a sole believer in eating everything.. everyone loves junk food , everyone loves fatty food.. but trying to bring about a balance is what I recommend. And lastly consistency in mindset. I believe that when the either two are consistent and balanced ( movement and diet) your mindset is balanced too. You're less stressed out, you moods fluctuate less and you begin to feel an overall sense of calm and peace. After all isn't that what we're all looking for!

I'm a very compassionate teacher.. I love working on detail, working the deeper muscles that for the foundation and also focusing on form. Perfecting the posture is important for any practice.

Feb onward I will be based in goa. I am available for online classes. I'm also available for personal training in goa itself.

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Alisha MistryProfession :Yoga teacherSpecialisation : yoga , flexibility and free hand body weight movement.Certified international license holder for yoga. Leading licensed SURFSET