Ankita Shikhare

Organized, Empathetic, Goal-getter. 

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Fitness and nutrition.

Goals : Weight loss, Daily accountability.

Niche : Helping working women manage work, home and lose weight and get fit.

Specialization : Weight loss, Daily accountability.
Bio: Hola! I’m Ankita, A brand lead, an emcee, and now a fitness lover too 😍

While having a multi-faceted professional life sound exiting, it demands being fit and healthy, giving those precious 2 hours in a day for myself still is difficult but not impossible, rather "I Made it Possible" :D, thanks to my coach Alisha
Weight loss is easy but being consistent, loving, and prioritising yourself can get tricky, and this is precisely what I learned at FitCru.

From riding a roller coaster ride of losing and gaining weight to living an unhealthy lifestyle (Oh! I ate Chinese fried rice every single night for 4 years :(); meet the new me who reads cal. table at the back of any pack and is careful about what I eat and drink.

“Don’t be hard on yourself”, this popular statement got me yoyoing on my weight. How to live by this statement, is what my coach taught and now all inspired by here I’m here to help everyone who wishes to get fit for good!

So let’s then?