Beach body - Bodyweight

  • Get the perfect bikini bod!.
  • For women between 18-50 years old.
  • Beginner or Advanced, Home and Gym Workouts.
  • 24/7 access to the FitCru App.
  • Chat access with your Accountability Coach.
  • Educational videos to start the Beachbody Training program online with confidence and clarity.


9 Week(s)

Workouts Per Week

7 workouts

Fitness Level

Beginner & Intermediate

Equipment Needed

Moderate Dumbbells




Get toned with strong core and booty.

Plan Overview

Who doesn’t love a beach bod? And trust us, anyone can have one. You just have to have a great workout and diet plan to follow. Like our super awesome Beach Bod program curated by the super fit Alisha Mistry. No hardcore equipment, just a resilience and result-driven regimen that will allow you to healthily sculpt your body into its best form.

Your dream beach bod that you can wear everywhere.

Get the summer body of your dreams, with a personalized fitness plan.


Basic Training Guidance

Train like Professional

In this plan, you will be performing Strength Training, HIIT, MetCon and Flexibility workouts, at beginner and intermediate levels.

For home workouts, you will need:

A bench or something similar and sturdy like a chair, piano seat, stairs
Some moves need resistance so you could do with investing in resistance bands, dumbbells or a pull-up bar

Nutrition Plan and Supplement Recommendations

Recipes / Meal Plans

We’ll create a custom meal plan that is designed for your macro count according to your height, weight, age, body type and overall goals. Your mean plan will account for any allergies or preferences with gluten-free, lactose free and vegetarian options. We will help you breakdown your intake of every meal so that you can monitor your calories and achieve optimum results!

Get started

Start your Journey with us and see the result you want to see.

21 Days

Single Phase

Rs.3999 /-

(not inclusive of taxes)

You will select your plan duration during checkout.

SAVE Rs.1198 /-

63 Days

Three Phases

Rs.9999 /-

(not inclusive of taxes)

You will select your plan duration during checkout.

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