farhaz sarang

Motivated, Disciplined & Hardest working guy in the room. 

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Fitness & Nutrition, Diet & Well-being.

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit, Muscle Gain.

Niche :   I help people with a sedentary lifestyle accomplish a fit and aesthetic body without going to the gym and with simple food habits.

Specialization : Functional training, CrossFit, Animal Flow.
Bio: This is Farhaz Sarang. I am 32 years old and a professional Fitness Coach. I started my journey in 2017 and since then have been continuously training people. I like traveling, reading, and acquiring new skills. I go by the simple mantra that learning never stops and one should just not restrict themselves to one specific skill.
I did my first certification from GGFI (Gold's gym fitness institute) in May 2017. After that, I did my Level 1 Animal Flow certification, followed by a 3-month full-time CrossFit internship at 303 CrossFit Drive (CST), and Level 2 Animal Flow certification in April 2018.
I really enjoy training and interacting with people. One of the main reasons why I decided to get into this industry is because I realised I could make a difference in someone's life and that thought keeps me going. With lifestyle disorders at their peak, I think I can play a very important role in helping my clients, stay fit for life and not for a short term. I encourage people to move better, eat mindfully, adopt a holistic approach & staying truly fit..