FitCru Coaches

Meet the FitCru Coaches

A team of world class physical trainers, nutritionists, health experts, mind coaches, and online diet coaches with more than 5000 hours of certified experience in training and mentoring.

Prateek Kumar

Prateek & Team | Mumbai

Visionary, Goal-Getter, Persistent

Ritesh Sahiwal

Prateek & Team | Mumbai

Animorph, Decisive, Natural Leader

Bhakti kapoor

Prateek & Team | Mumbai

Passionate, Ambitious, Optimistic 

Mawra Ishaque

Prateek & Team | Mumbai

Hard working, Fun, Adaptable

Rakhee Jain Arora

Prateek & Team |


Problem Solver, Hardworking, Tenacious 

Alisha Chinoy

Senior Coaching Team |

Southeast Asia

Leader, Compassionate, Determined

Sneha Fulwadhaya 

Senior Coaching Team |


Focused, Organized, Empathetic

Nishita Palodia

Senior Coaching Team |


Efficient, Sincere, Faithful

Rashi Herani

Senior Coaching Team |

North America

Focused, Goal-getter, Compassionate 

Sheetal Sohoni

Senior Coaching Team |


Faithful, Diligent, Compassionate

Munira Kapasi

Senior Coaching Team |

Middle East

Compassionate, Encouraging, Patient

Sehrish Abdulhusain

Senior Coaching Team |

Middle East

Focused, Determined, Optimistic

Ankita Shikhare

Coaching Team | Mumbai

Organized, Tenacious, Goal-getter

Neha Saxena

Coaching Team | Mumbai

Empathetic, Fitness Freak, Dedicated

Tanmaya Bhatt

Coaching Team | Mumbai

Loyal, Encouraging, Strong 

Jasdeep Mago Jethani

Mental Health Coach | Mumbai

Compassionate, Hardworking, Intuitive

Nidhi Shah

Mental Health Coach | Mumbai

Focused, Diligent, Tenacious


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