Munira Kapasi

Weight Loss, Get Fit, Fitness and nutrition

Type of Coach : Fitness and Nutrition

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit

Niche : Helping people in the Middle East who face mid-life challenges, adopt an active lifestyle and transform their body and mind with simple diets and easy exercises

Specialization : Weight Loss, Daily Accountability
Bio: Munira, professionally known as Coach Mun, is a passionate individual who believes in continuously growing and challenging oneself. She started her journey with a goal to learn and grow in a field that she is passionate about and has always been intrigued by.She is a compassionate and empathetic yoga teacher, with years of experience. With her experience and expertise, Coach Mun helps others to overcome challenges and difficulties to achieve their goals towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Through her guidance and support, individuals can not only reach their desired outcomes, but also discover their inner potential and strengths.