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Losing weight starts with what’s on your plate.

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The key to good health is food. A balanced diet gives your body the platform to build a sustainable exercise regimen, to maintain your health and physical shape. But which diet should you follow? What foods can you have or must cut out? How do you monitor everything? It’s simple — you sign up for our Nutritional Plan and leave everything in the capable hands of our experienced coaches, who will provide all the guidance to create and follow the ideal healthy diet that doesn’t compromise on your favourite foods. 

  • Ideal for Men & Women Between 20-55 Years
  • Consultation Welcome Call & Weekly Check-in Calls
  • Macro Settings - the right ratio of carbs, fat and proteins in your diet
  • Goal Specific Home or Gym Workouts
  • Weekly Meal Plans, Pantry Substitutions, Alcohol Guide
  • 24/7 Access to the FitCru App and Daily Workouts
  • 1-1 access to our coach for guidance, motivation and accountability 
  • Educational Videos to Help Build Your Confidence and Clarity
  • Monthly or Full Plans Available

Start monthly plan @ INR 5999/- * (30 days)(*TAX NOT INCLUDED)

you can also try our 21-21 fitness plans

21-21 : Faq's

What does a 21 day program Include?

No, nothing beats water.

How many and when can I have my black coffee?

Ideally use black coffee as a thermogenic tool. Have 1-2 cups in your fasting window. It helps curb hunger too.

What can I have to curb my hunger?

Black coffee, lime water, sparkling water, some club soda mixed in water, use water. Anything with zero calorie helps.

Can I have alchohol and how much?

It will be sent to you once you select the plan.

How do I stick to my routine when I'm traveling?

All plans are flexible. The idea is to fit your plan into your routine.

When is the best time to check your weight?

Early morning, empty stomach. Preferably after clearing out your bowels.

How do I track my steps if I don’t have a smart watch?

Your phone does it too mostly. Check the health app.

Can I have fresh lime water sweet or diet coke with the meals?

Yes sure, as long as it fits your calorie goal.

My appetite has reduced. Is this normal?


How often do I measure myself?

Every week is good.

Can I follow my own workout routine and not on the app?

We advise sticking to whats given in your plan for optimal results, Your nutrtion and workout is designed as per your goal.

What time is best for workouts?


Whats the difference between 21 days and 60 days program ?