Rakhee Jain arora

Problem solver, Hardworking, Tenacious 

Profession : Certified Nutritionist.

Type of Coach : Diet & Well being.

Niche :  I help create a personalised nutrition plan for busy women in 30's with easy lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit, Post Partum Fitness.

Specialization : Weight Loss, Diabetes, PCOS, Thyroid, Other Health Issues

Certification : Certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant, MNU Certified Nutritionist.
Background: "Rakhee is a well-educated and experienced nutrition consultant who has a passion for helping others improve their health through sustainable and long-term lifestyle changes. She holds two prestigious certifications in the fields of Clinical and Sport Nutrition, which she received from Mac-Nutrition Uni in the UK and the Exercise Science Academy in Mumbai.

Rakhee's approach to nutrition is inclusive, stress-free, and based on evidence-based principles. She believes that diets should not be extreme, but instead should help clients build a healthy relationship with food. She knows that healthy living is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, and that nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving this.

With her extensive knowledge and experience, Rakhee has helped numerous clients from around the world achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether they are driven by aesthetic or health reasons, Rakhee is committed to coaching her clients towards success."

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