Ritesh Sahiwal 

Animorph, Natural Leader, Decisive.

Profession : Elite Athlete, Online Fitness Trainer.

Certifications : Professional Education
2009-Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness First Foundation Training
2010-Resisted Movement Training, PT On the Net
2010-Movement Based Functionality, PT on the Net
2010-TRX Suspension Training Certification, Fitness Anywhere Inc, USA
2011-Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine, USA
2011-Certified RPM Instructor, Les Mills, NZ
2012- Certified Parkour Specialist, Parkour Generations, USA
2012- Certified Body Balance Instructor, Les Mills, NZ
2013- Certification in Functional Movement Screening, FMS, USA
2014 - Master Trainer, TRX Suspension Training, MeFitPro, UAE
2014-Master Trainer for Fitness First Signature Programs (FGT, Hardcore Max, Pro-cycling)
2014-Certified in Postural Analysis, ACSM
2015-Certified Nutrition Counsellor, Fitness First Foundation Training
2015-Certification in TRX Rip Trainer, Professional Fitness
2015- Certification in Olympic Lift from NSCA by Mark Canella
2012-16–Workshops on Barefoot Training, Baby Boomer Training, Animal Flow, Freestyle Playground Training, Kinesis, Skill Mill, Kettlebell, ViPR, Stroops, Axius Core, Bosu, Battlerope, Swiss Ball, Trigger Point Therapy, Blackr
2017-Currently learning Capoeira and Hath Yoga and have a valid CPR certification
My accomplishments

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit, Muscle Gain, Mobility.

Niche : I help people between the age of 40-60 build strength & flexibility by following my superhuman 100 program with sustainable diets, supplement plans and workouts.
Bio: I am Ritesh Sahiwal. I am an educator and a fitness professional who believes in contributing to the fitness industry with a natural and holistic approach. Continuously striving to be part of a movement to make fitness simple and accessible for teams and members alike. Inspiring and motivating people by being a high energy role model in fitness, positivity, education and holistic wellbeing. Solution oriented individual who is always learning and growing from every experience and interaction.

Awarded Top Performing personal trainer for 3 consecutive years
Awarded Top Fitness Manager in New You award by the only New You award by FF India
Worked on and implemented strategies to improve PT penetration like PT Promotions, Reassessment Drives, PT session quality assessments, Kickstart PT and Buddy PT
Trained and launched the Fitness First Signature programs as Master Trainer for India into the business during the rebranding process
Launched the use of Functional Movement Screen as part of the Fitness Explorer and BodyFirst Induction product through conceptualising and training
Developed and launched HIIT based “Mumbaikar Special” SGT program before the launch of Surge in the India Business
Developed and launched parkour and body weight based “Extreme Fit” paid group class into the Mumbai business
Pioneered and launched Outdoor Workouts for Fitness First India including Marathons, Cycling Events and Beach Bootcamps
i know it too long but he have lots of certificates which i think should go on the bio
Yea but you know he is going to be the only one with so many qualifications

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