Sculpted for success - 12 Weeks lean muscle plan - Homebased

Build muscle, Increase your strength.

  • For Men & Women between 20-55 years old.
  • Personalized workout plan.
  • Progressively build muscle and increase your strength over 12 weeks.
  • Science-backed approach.
  • Safe and effective.
  • Chat access with your Accountability Coach.
  • Educational videos to start the program with confidence and clarity.


12 Week(s)

Workouts Per Week

5 workouts

Fitness Level

Beginner & Intermediate

Equipment Needed

Homebased Gym


Muscle Gain


Gain muscle size & volume.

Plan Overview

This is a program that follows a science-backed plan to help individuals build muscle and reach their fitness goals in a healthy way. The program includes weekly planned workouts, a complete nutritional plan, expert supplement recommendations, and other tools to help individuals achieve their goals. The program is divided into phases that are designed to progressively enhance development and help individuals successfully reach their fitness goals. The program is designed and led by Ritesh Sahiwal, a professional fitness expert. The program will help you to build lean muscle, get stronger, and achieve a chiseled physique

Don't just workout, sculpt your dream body


I am Ritesh Sahiwal. I am an educator and a fitness professional who believes in contributing to the fitness industry with a natural and holistic approach. Continuously striving to be part of a movement to make fitness simple and accessible for teams and members alike. Inspiring and motivating people by being a high energy role model in fitness, positivity, education and holistic wellbeing. Solution oriented individual who is always learning and growing from every experience and interaction.

Awarded Top Performing personal trainer for 3 consecutive years
Awarded Top Fitness Manager in New You award by the only New You award by FF India
Worked on and implemented strategies to improve PT penetration like PT Promotions, Reassessment Drives, PT session quality assessments, Kickstart PT and Buddy PT
Trained and launched the Fitness First Signature programs as Master Trainer for India into the business during the rebranding process
Launched the use of Functional Movement Screen as part of the Fitness Explorer and BodyFirst Induction product through conceptualising and training
Developed and launched HIIT based “Mumbaikar Special” SGT program before the launch of Surge in the India Business
Developed and launched parkour and body weight based “Extreme Fit” paid group class into the Mumbai business
Pioneered and launched Outdoor Workouts for Fitness First India including Marathons, Cycling Events and Beach Bootcamps
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Basic Training Guidance

This workout plan includes a variety of strength training, HIIT, weights, mobility and other exercises to keep things interesting and prevent boredom. The program also includes active rest days to ensure recovery and to prevent injury. The program is intended to be performed at home and requires a bench or similar sturdy surface such as a chair, piano seat or stairs, and resistance equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, pull-up bar, or cables for some exercises. These equipment will help you to perform the exercises effectively and safely, and to achieve your fitness goals.

Nutrition Plan and Supplement Recommendations

This program includes a focus on creating a custom meal plan that is tailored to the individual's macro count according to their height, weight, age, body type, and overall goals. The plan takes into consideration any allergies or dietary preferences, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian options. The plan also includes a breakdown of calorie intake for each meal, to help individuals monitor their calorie intake and achieve optimal results. By monitoring your calorie intake and macro count, you can ensure that you're getting the right amount of nutrients to support your workout and reach your fitness goals.


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Designed by certified professionals, Fitcru plans keep your current level of fitness and future health goals in mind.


Looking for more than just physical training? Get a team of coaches to boost your health with custom workouts, diet and lifestyle changes.


High-performers with a professional focus on fitness may train under a personal team of trainers, nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists.

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