Sheetal Sohoni

Faithful ,Diligent, Compassionate. 

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Fitness and nutrition.

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit.

Niche :  I help working mothers to get back to their fit bodies with easy diets & workouts and without having to cut down their social life.

Specialization : Weight loss, Daily accountability.
Background: As a mother of a 7-year-old and a foodie, Sheetal has been a makeup artist for the past 5 years and thoroughly enjoys her job. Despite her love for a healthy lifestyle and regular workouts, she was diagnosed with PCOS and had to rely on medication. After giving birth, she struggled to lose weight and even gained more. But it was FitCru that changed everything for her. With the help of her coach, Alisha, she was able to lose weight and bounce back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Impressed with the results, she joined FitCru as a coach to help others experience the same. She believes in a healthier lifestyle that doesn't require deprivation of favorite foods and wants to inspire others to reach their weight and health goals.