Sheetal Sohoni

Faithful ,Diligent, Compassionate. 

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Fitness and nutrition.

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit.

Niche :  I help working mothers to get back to their fit bodies with easy diets & workouts and without having to cut down their social life.

Specialization : Weight loss, Daily accountability.
Bio: I am a mother to a 7 year old. Married to my high school love and a foodie. I have been a makeup artist since the past 5 years and I thoroughly enjoy being one. Coming to my fitness.............I had always been slim and inclined to a healthy lifestyle and regular workouts as I had also been diagnosed with PCOS and was on pills and metformin for the same. It was post delivery that I started gaining weight and even more after my son weaned off breast feed. I gained back all my pregnancy weight plus more. Had judgmental eyes all over. Struggled to loose it but gave up after 2-3 kgs. Prior lockdown I hit 90kgs and that was the last straw. Luckily with no maids and house work there was good physical load but then again we ate what came our way. So again lost only 3 kgs. That’s when FitCru came in and I only wondered what it was until I thought of giving it a try. Then with Alisha as my coach we went on for a year and got to 69 kgs. A weight I was prior my pregnancy. Now there is no looking back. Yes with life getting a bit back to pre pandemic it’s gets a little tricky. And I do end up wobbling in my weight range. But it’s always easy to bounce back. Infact it feels better. Moreover I have been able to inspire so many women in my social circle that I decided to join FitCru as a coach. I totally connect to Alisha as a person and I have learnt so much from her as her approach towards her clients. I want people to feel the high of a healthier lifestyle and reaching towards better weight and health goals and I want them to know that they don’t have to deprive themselves of their favourite foods.