Sneha Fulwadhaya

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Fitness & Nutrition.

Niche : I help men lose fat and get shredded without "dieting' and burning out.

Specialization : Weight Loss, Daily Accountability.
Background: I am Sneha Fulwadhya, a loving mother to an amazing son, and a fitness enthusiast.
I have received my masters degree in the field of commerce.

Always been passionate about Nutrition and Fitness , but got a better direction post being with FitCru . It had changed the way of life & I look forward to to helping men and women with the same transformation and perspective towards fitness and nutrition. I would say fitness is not just about aesthetics but more about feeling fit and healthy.

Often clients ask me ”what do you expect from us ?”.To this I will say just “consistency and focus without making major changes in your lifestyle”.