Before the consult call, make sure to thoroughly review the client's health questionnaire, including their goals, weight, diet preferences, and workout preferences.
During the call, add as much information as possible to the consult memo. Our back-end team will use this information to set up the client's account and create reminders if necessary. Additionally, be sure to share information about yourself, and make small talk to establish a personal connection with the client. Ask about the weather or the city where they live.
The main purpose of the consult call is to achieve the following goals:

  • Form a bond with the client and gain information about their personal life and real-time issues. This will help you get to know them better and develop rapport. You should aim to learn their children's names and birthdates, their spouse's name and profession, and their anniversary dates. It's important to show compassion and empathy, and demonstrate a serious concern for the client's well-being. This will help you become their best friend in fitness and health.
  • Obtain technical details about the client, including their routine, dietary habits, allergies, preferences and dislikes, any health issues, supplements and medication, and workout routine. You should explain the importance of strength training and muscle building, cardio and steps, consuming veggies and lean protein in a 1:1 ratio based on the size of their palm, eating carbs, and avoiding random diets that can impact their health and cause hormonal or other issues. You should also emphasize the importance of sleep, stress management through meditation, and recovery. Finally, you should explain that weight loss happens primarily through diet, not exercise.
  • End the call on a positive note. The following exercises can be helpful:
    * The "5 Why" Exercise: Ask the client why they want to reach their goals. When they give you an answer, ask "why" again for their answer. Repeat this process five times to elicit a solid emotional response that will help them stay on track for three months. Explain why you're doing this.
    * Visualisation Exercise: Ask the client to visualise themselves three months from the day of the consult call, already having achieved their exact goal. Ask them to describe how they will feel.
    * Reverse Visualisation Exercise: Now ask them how they would feel if they didn't achieve this goal. This exercise will help them realise how important it is to achieve their goal.
    Once these exercises are complete, explain how the meal plan and exercise structure on the app work, and how you will check in with them. Build trust and assurance with the client, and make them believe you will do everything in your capacity to help them achieve the results they want.