Prateek Kumar

Visionary, ‘Goal ‘ Getter, Persistent. 

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Fitness & Nutrition, Diet & Well-being

Certifications : NASM CPT and Precise Nutrition 

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit , Muscle Gain.

Niche : I help women in their 30’s get toned without extreme workouts and strict diets.

Specialization : Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, PCOS, Thyroid, Other Health Issues, Athletic Fitness, Daily Accountability, Body Image Issues, Senior Citizens, Transformation Specialist
Bio: I am Prateek Kumar, founder of FitCru. I have received my education in exercise physiology from NASM and have learnt the basics of nutrition from Stanford Edu. & further completed his education in sports nutrition from Precise Nutrition.

My love for fitness and nutrition got me to start FitCru. I founded FitCru platform to simplify fitness by curating workout programs with the right nutritional approach. Over the past 3 years I have helped clients all over the world achieve their goals whether they are health or aesthetic driven.
My main focus is on helping women in their 30s get the toned body they desire, without stringent workouts or rigid diets.

My aim is making fitness plans for people who cannot dedicate a lot of time and give a lot of effort towards health and fitness. I believe diets should be inclusive, stress free, uncomplicated, non-extremist, evidence based and should help build your relationship with food. I believe that healthy living is a lifestyle and not a quick fix and diet is an integral part of it.

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