Just check out what some of our clients have to say about us!

"Been on the program for the last 3.5 months and super happy with the results. It's really a magic pill. Eating whatever you like and losing weight. It's more of a change in the lifestyle forever.Thanks guys!"

Gurnoor Sahani


"My body type doesn't allow for weight loss easily, and I actually hate working out. It's only since prateek kumar came into my life and motivated me to start, that things have actually started to change for me."

Ishmeet Bhasin


"I'm gettings soo many compliments on how I'm looking, not just my body but my skin and face. This has really pulled me out of the rut that I was going through!

Big Thanks to you all!!!"

Anchal Arora


"It's been 3 months since I did the 21:21 program and I havn't even put .5 kgs back on! It's insane, even though I am eating everything under the sun. You weren't kidding when you said these habits will last long term!. Its not even about the drop in weight (even thought that was a huge aspect) it's how great and clean my body feels! I There is a definite boost in energy levels!"

Revathi Sekar


"Just wanted to let you know that your 21 Day Program has worked and how!!

When I started in Sept. I had no clue for how long I could do it and I've been following that as a lifestyle till now!

My weight is now 64kgs and I'm more toned as well! Thanks, looking forward to another session soon."

Nidhi Shah


"Guys this is absolutely insane! 2.65 kgs loss & 3 inches around the waist! In just 21 days! Forget the scale, the visible results are amazing and it wasn't as taxing as I had initially thought it'd be. Infact my energy levels are much better & skin is looking Bomb! I can't thank you enough Cru! W000! P.s. I'll be back for Phase 2!"

Sneha Goyal


For the last 3 yrs I had been losing weight and gaining weight. It kept fluctuating!
Then in 2020 during the lockdown ,I put on 8kgs more and went to my all time highest weight ever.

It was demotivating and depressing. I finally realised that there is no point cribbing and I have to do something about it. In Nov I came across @myfitcru and my milestone bday was coming in a month. I really wanted to shed some weight...It made me enroll for their 21:21 program ,since then there was no looking back..

With FitCru I learnt clean eating and smart eating..My Coach @alisha.fitcru was there for me throughout, answering my silly questions ,helping with healthy choices in food, at the same time I never felt deprived of any food. I could also drink and party..
It was a lifestyle change, I loved my journey and lost 13kg....

Thank you so much @alisha.fitcru ??and @myfitcru for getting me fitter and stronger ❤️??

Charmi Vadhyar


❤️"I gained 28 kgs of weight during my pregnancy and was at 75kgs post delivery. No sleep, very difficult postpartum recovery and the stress from my carrier being on a complete hold had made me hit rock bottom in terms of my mental health. I have felt the least confident in the past 4 years especially because of the way my body changed and the weight that I had put on. I remember the first ever time I stepped out for a brunch after almost no socialising for 1 year post delivery one of our friends casually said - ‘are you still look pregnant, at that moment I laughed it off like a joke but inside it had shook me real good. It still took me 3 years to finally take it up on myself to do something about feeling so lost in my own body. That’s when I took up the FitCru plans and oh boy was it difficult. But for the first time after a long time I did something for myself and the results actually showed so I stick to it. I started in October 2021 at 77kgs and today in May 2022 I am at 63.5kgs. And a huge part of the credit goes to my coach Alisha who has been extremely patient, very very accommodating and understanding and has also counselled me on occasions when I needed it. I finally feel like my self again and I am proud to say that I have been able to make a lifestyle change and I am actually able to stick to it even after my plan is over. Thanks a lot Alisha. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your unconditional support. Thank you FitCru you have got me back to myself in the most difficult time of my life. I finally feel alive and more than anything else I feel like myself again. ?"


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