Jasdeep Mago Jethani

Compassionate, hardworking, intuitive.

Profession : Accountability Coach

Type of Coach : Mental Health.

Goals : Weight Loss, Get Fit, Muscle Gain.

Niche : I help young women accomplish higher self confidence, better emotional management and healthier relationships so they can achieve all their dreams without emotional baggage.

Specialization : stress, anxiety, depression, grief, interpersonal relationships.
Background:  Jasdeep is a clinical neuropsychologist and emotional intelligence trainer who has been a mental health professional for 10 years. Jasdeep speaks from her personal experience of being on both sides of the therapy table, her yoga practice and her Buddhist faith.

Her exuberant energy and knack for effortless communication has led her to have a noticeable online and offline presence. She also has a unique ability to convey sensitive information in a humorous manner, with the aim of making mental health everyone's priority.
Jasdeep specializes in Women's mental health (stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relations, grief, self esteem and performance)