Beyond the Weighing Scale: Non scale Victories

If you’re not measuring your progress correctly, how do you tell how far you have come?
You need make sure you’re measuring the all the variables. The weighing scale is a useful indicator of your progress, but an expansion on this is necessary. If you focus on other cursors or variables, you may find that you have come further than you originally thought.

Here are some ways to map your progress:

  • If you lose 5 pounds on the scale, you could have lost 10 pounds of fat and added muscle instead
  • You have an intrinsic motivation that lures you to your goal.
  • You have formed new healthy habits that you didn’t have before.
  • You are more active now than you were a year ago. This means you move around a lot more and are more regular with your exercises.
  • You are not deterred in motivation when the scale keeps up every now and then. You are a believer in consistency. However, you are also vigilant to any developments or lack of that result from your lifestyle.
  • You are less likely to binge eat from being discouraged.
  • You may notice that the lapse between a disciplined fitter you and non-fit you is small.
  • You consume anything you want in moderation and free of guilt.
  • Your mindset about the scale has changed, you simply use the scale as an informant as to what may be going right or wrong for you. That is you learn to make sense of it in the right context.
  • You give equal attention to changes in your inch measurement.
  • You understand your body won’t bend to your will.
  • You feel lighter and look leaner.
  • You look forward to your workout and do not do them as a chores.
  • You drink plenty of water.
  • You feel strong, have more confidence and sharper intuition.
  • Your body fat percentage has dropped
  • You understand your goals are not a finish line but simply new milestones!