What are the benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a useful tool to burn fat in your weight loss journey. ‘IF’ consists of planned short term fasts performed intermittently, that research suggests results in weight loss between half a pound to one pound per week.

There are a number of ways to do IF. This includes 24 hour fasts twice a week or the 16:8 approach, which is fairly doable.

Why you should experiment with IF:

  • Decreases Waist Circumference
  • IncreasesMetabolism
  • Balances Hormones by raising your growth hormone, which leaves you feeling energetic, clears your thinking, repairs and regenerates your cells.
  • DecreasesInsulin which means you will store less fat.
  • Keeps you in a Calorie Deficit,ensuringminimalmuscleloss. IF when done correctly allows you to lose body fat without losing too much of the muscle mass. Furthermore, incorporating resistance training ensures you don’t lose as much muscle while you lose weight.
  • It’s simple, when you are fasting, fast. When you are not, you eat normally or in moderation, you don’t have to obsess about eating a chocolate cake in your non-fasting hours.
  • Fasting is restorative and can reverse premature ageing, by expediting the removal of damaged cells, creating new healthy mitochondria and keeping a well maintained metabolism.

Top Tips for your journey with IF.

  • Exercising during the fasting hours to accelerate fat burn
  • Avoid everything but water, black tea or black coffee in your fasting hours
  • Do not fall into the mind frame of binge eating or rewarding yourself too much because you successfully completed a fast. This will negate the results you are looking for. Just eat normally.
  • If you have a Low thyroid or PCOS, it is possible that IF does not work for you. In this case, first address your hormonal issues and observe how IF works for you. If you do not see success with it, it is not the right time for you to do IF.
  • Understand that losing half or one pound in a week is a phenomenal achievement, this actually equates to 2 pounds of loss for every one pound you lose on the scale.

If you are looking to maximise productivity, focus and see real results with your goals, it’s time to unleash your potential, to meet the fittest you!

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