What purpose does an Accountability Coach serve?

An accountability coach is the reason our clients have experienced higher success rates with us. It is a more promising approach to reaching your goal rather than visiting dieticians who only deal with one aspect of weight management.

You may have your training and nutrition plan set, but an accountability coach is who holds you to these actions and choices.

You may have all the knowledge and a plan, but a coach is who will motivate you and ensure that you don’t lose momentum at the times you feel like things are a drag.
Without an accountability coach, you may still be able to succeed and sustain, if you are extremely self-disciplined and compliant to your plan, but with one, we promise you, it’s just going to be better.

Here’s How!
From indecisiveness on what to eat, to resisting an indulgence into a high cal cake, to hearing some words of encouragement on making it through the last hour of your fast, you have a companion throughout.

We have the most compassionate coaches at FitCru, who will never berate you for being non-compliant. They will simply ask you to forget and continue to ‘stick to the plan’. They are here to see you reach your goals.

  • Having an Accountability Coach alone increases your compliance to the plan. You are more attuned to getting those steps in, more likely to not cheat — and the reward? The reward is your fitness goal, and the joy in celebrating that with someone who has seen it throughout. They makes your goals into achievable, specific and measurable goals. They will propose short term goals after getting to know you.
  • Think of it as someone who is taking away the scope for procrastination. You already know what to do and how to do it, but to have someone who also extrinsically motivates, guides and gives you solutions at your fingertips when you need in addition to a plan that has been set for you, will make sure you are on path to achieving the results you want to achieve.
  • This is a fact, you will perform better under observation. Even if you are self-disciplined, the external accountability from a coach is sure to yield better results.
  • You get feedback and guidance on your specific goals, especially when you have hit a roadblock. Your plan works progressively, and the coach will make the tweaks where deemed necessary so you can follow through seamlessly.

If you are looking to maximise productivity, focus and see real results with your goals, it’s time to unleash your potential, to meet the fittest you!

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