Fitcru Programs

Fitcru offers a range of fitness programs designed to meet the diverse needs and goals of individuals at various fitness levels.


Below some of our popular programs:

fitcru Weight Loss Program

Lose upto 2-3 kilograms, trim your waist, gain strength, and define your muscles with our personalized meal plans, effective workouts, and daily coaching support. This program is ideal for breaking through plateaus and kickstarting your fitness journey.

Easy Muscle Gain Program

Whether you're a novice or trying to increase your gains, our muscle gain program is designed for people who are passionate about building muscle, increasing their strength, and transforming their physique. 

Sport Nutrition Program

This program optimizes athletic performance with personalized guidance and goal focused lifestyle and nutrition enhancement.

wellness & gut health nutrition program

Our Wellness & Gut Health Nutrition Program improves overall health by focusing on natural foods, individualized diet, and exercise. It encourages a more beneficial gut flora while enhancing immunity.

postpartum Program

Our program takes a holistic approach to postpartum well-being, empowering mothers to navigate this essential life transition with confidence and resilience. We prioritize self-care, nutrition, and fitness, all while considering the demands of motherhood, to ensure sustainable weight loss and overall health.

PCOS Wellness Program

This program focuses on three main areas: nutrition, exercise, and stress management.
By addressing these areas, you may notice improvements such as, reduced acne, regular periods and relief from other PCOS related symptoms and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

sculpt & tone program

We believe in simplifying fitness without resorting to extreme diets or grueling workouts, but rather focusing on building sustainable habits. The workout program is carefully designed to maximize lean muscle and weight loss.

Mental Health Program

fitcru's affordable mental health therapy can help you and your loved ones make positive changes, one step at a time.

21 day corporate challenge

fitcru's affordable mental health therapy can help you and your loved ones make positive changes, one step at a time.

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